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New control box for our new CNC machines

The controllers of our new 3 and 4-Axis CNC machines will be hosted in the new control box you see in the photo.

Our new control box is made 0.8mm thick, laser cut galvanized steel, it weights 2.28kg, its dimensions are 300x350x110mm and it has a wall mounting point.

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End of Support for the "classic" GCode Sender

The course of SourceRabbit GCode Sender began in 2015 when Nikos Siatras ( GitHub , Twitter ), CEO of SourceRabbit, decided to build the controllers of the company's CNC machines, on the GRBL firmware. From 2015 until 2021, the GCode Sender was improved and acquired new features that were fully compatible with the CNC machines we manufacture. At the beginning of 2021 we started to build a new multi-axis software, GCode Sender 4-Axis , which replaced the "classic" GCode Sender and which we will fully support from now on. The source code of the classic GCode Sender will remain available on GitHub for everyone who wants to see or use the code but unfortunately we will stop supporting it.

GCode Sender 4-Axis Launched

After our engagement with GRBL for ESP32 we decided to expand the capabilities of our GCode Sender and create a new control software for 4-Axis CNC Machines. Our new GCode Sender 4-Axis , which is now available for purchase through our website, replaces our old 3-axis software, is fully compatible with the classic 3-Axis GRBL for AVR, the new Grbl_Esp32 and of course the SourceRabbit 4-Axis CNC Motherboard . We plan to implement many new tools and features to the GCode Sender 4-Axis. On our next update we will add a new better User Interface (UI). Stay tuned.

SprutCAM 4-Axis GRBL Post Processor for Free

We have developed our own post processor for SprutCAM software, which is fully compatible with our SourceRabbit GCode Sender. Since today (2021-04-20) you can download the SprutCAM 4-Axis GRBL post processor for free from our website's downloads section. You can find the SprutCAM 4-Axis GRBL post processor under the Help Section on our website