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4-Axis DM542T Drivers Host

The most important factor for the reliability of a CNC Controller, which most often determines the accuracy of a CNC machine tool, is the voltage. If the voltage is not constant, during the operation of the machine tool, then the electronic parts of the controller can not perform to the maximum. The power supplies, which we use to power the electronic parts of the controller, as well as the wiring, play a decisive role in the stability of the voltage. The many cables that must be used to connect the Stepper Drivers to the controller motherboard as well as the power cables are difficult to sort out. They will always touch each other and electromagnetic interference will always be created between them. After experiments with electromagnetic shielded cables, twisted pair cables, ferrites, capacitors, inductors, etc. we came to the conclusion that the best way to eliminate electromagnetic noise inside the controller is to use less and shorter wires. That's why we developed the 4-Axis D