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Face Milling "wizard" for GCode Sender 4-Axis

We "cnc" parts on daily basis and many of these parts needs a surface milling on their underside. To perform this surface milling operations we so far used CAM software to generate the gcode.

In version 1.2.0 of GCode Sender 4-Axis, we added the "Face Milling" utility in order to perform easy and fast facing operations without the use of CAM software.

The Face Milling utility is located under the "Tools" menu  and you can try it by downloading GCode Sender 4-Axis from our website.

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Our new machines will be shipped with a license for the GCode Sender 4-Axis

From today, June 29, 2021, all our machines will be shipped with a license for the GCode Sender 4-Axis software. Also a license will be given, completely free of charge, to all our customers who have purchased a CNC machine the last 3 months (from March 29 until today).

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