Yoda - CNC Router Announced

With a rising number of small businesses and hobbyists relying on CNC routers for their production, SourceRabbit presents it's state of the art heavy duty, large cutting area CNC router.

The goals for development of our newest product were set by our client's needs; a large cutting area, easy assembly and robustness of components and frame that will handle hard materials such as aluminum with speed and accuracy.

After consistent tests on materials and electronics we proudly unveil Yoda! Featuring 4 high torque Nema 23 stepper motors, 20mm chrome plated steel shafts, 1050Watts Kress spindle and a working area of 700mm x 750mm x 110mm which can be easily adapted to smaller or bigger workspaces.

More information about the Yoda CNC Router will be available soon through our website and social media pages.

Yoda - CNC Router Announced Yoda - CNC Router Announced Reviewed by SourceRabbit on August 18, 2016 Rating: 5

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