Rabbit Printer Released

The feedback we received from our worldwide customers and friends made us think about entering the 3D printers market.

Since 2012, we manufacture desktop CNC routers and milling machines and a 3D printer was not at all in our plans but our clients keeps asking for a 3D printer with the SourceRabbit's signature. After several months of experiments on designs, components and materials, SourceRabbit mechanics, developed the Rabbit Printer.

Rabbit Printer is not just an other 3D printer for the home user. Rabbit Printer is a Plug & Play desktop 3D Printer made for excessive use build to cover the needs of professionals and the most demanding hobbyists.

Print Quality

The vibrations generated by the moving parts, during the printing, is one of the most troublesome things experienced when using a 3D printer. Most of our competitors use low-strength materials that are unable to handle vibrations and this has the effect of low quality prints.

But with the Rabbit Printer you can easily print at high speed without worrying about the vibrations caused. This is made possible by the high tech design and functionality implemented in the printer by our engineers. The smart combination of steel and aluminum to the Rabbit Printer’s skeleton provides all the necessary strength to the device that allows users to print high quality objects with resolution up to 0.05mm (50 microns).

Hot Features

As we already said, Rabbit Printer is a machine built for excessive use so it has to use parts made for that cause. The heated bed is made from 3mm thick 1051 aluminum and a 220V/250Watts A/C silicone heated pad able to raise temperature from 25°C  to 120°C in seconds. Linear shafts are made of 10mm thick chrome plated hardened steel and of course the setup completes with a bowden style extruder and a V6 J-Head as a hotend able to print every material on the market today.

Find more about the Rabbit Printer at the following link:

Rabbit Printer Released Rabbit Printer Released Reviewed by SourceRabbit on September 11, 2017 Rating: 5


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