Rabbit Mill v2 Announced !

On Oct 18 2015 we launched an Indiegogo campaign to introduce our first product, the Rabbit Mill, to the global makers community and to raise funds so we can follow our dream and keep building Plug & Play Desktop CNC machines.

Today three full months have passed. Three months full of hard work and experiments on designs and materials. Three months of work with only one goal, the goal to design a new product that matches our three core values (Precision, Durability, Excellence), which is also portable, good looking and... well… it is blue...

Today and after a period of three fully productive months of work we are proud to announce the birth of Rabbit Mill v2.0 the world's first Plug & Play Desktop CNC Router made from Steel!

The newborn it’s smart and versatile as his dad, as they both have the same Arduino & GRBL “brain” but it’s “Body” is 100 times stronger because it’s made entirely from steel. It also features a 300Watts spindle, 3 x high torque Nema 17 stepper motors and the brand new, in-house made, Polyacetal Nuts that incredibly increases performance, repeatability and accuracy.

More technical details and photos of the Rabbit Mill v2.0 will be available soon and of course the retail price which is going to be at the same price range as its predecessor.
Rabbit Mill v2 Announced ! Rabbit Mill v2 Announced ! Reviewed by SourceRabbit on January 28, 2016 Rating: 5


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