2.5D Machining is for Everyone !

What's the easiest way to... CNC something ?

We had a lot of people asking about how can someone with little or none experience in 3D design can create something using a CNC machine?
The answer to that question is a procedure called 2.5D machining.

“In machining, 2.5D refers to a surface which is a projection of a plane into 3rd dimension – although the object is technically 3-dimensional, there are no overhanging elements possible. 2.5D objects are often greatly preferred for machining, as it is easy to generate G-code for them in an efficient, often close to optimal fashion. 2.5D objects can be machined on a 3-axis milling machine, and do not require any of the features of a higher-axis machine to produce. (wikipedia)”

2.5D Hello World Tutorial

The following “Hello World” tutorial explains the basics of the 2.5D machining and how easy is for everyone to turn a simple 2D design into a real object using a few open source software.

To make our design we used Inkscape (https://inkscape.org).
Inkscape is professional quality vector graphics software which runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

To generate GCode we used JSCut (http://jscut.org/).
JSCut is an open source web application that generates GCode from SVG Files.

And of course we tested our GCode using the Rabbit Mill v2.0 desktop CNC.

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